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Hot Trading Tips of the Week -

Hot Trading Tip 6 - Follow through day
When you get a follow-through day, signaling that the market is beginning a new uptrend, the vast majority of investors simply do not believe it's for real. They are scared to death and are so busy licking their wounds from all negatively of a downtrend they they are conditioned to doubt and be afraid of every rally. Many of the best bull runs start out this way.

Hot Trading Tip 5 - Trend is your friend
The trend is your friend. Position your trades based on the market's overall direction. It just makes COMMON SENSE!

Hot Trading Tip 3 - Faulty ditribution

If the market logs three to five ditribution days, and most of these days show an index price spread from the high to the low of the day that is very small, and the amount of the actual price decline from the prior day is also very small, even though there is a volume increase and the price closes down, the movement is not significant. These types of distribution days may not be enough to cause the market to turn down.

Hot Trading Tip 2 - Accumulation
The average investor, stockbroker, or academic never takes the time to check or learn to read a chart properly or, due to disbelief or pure ignorance, does not understand how important it is to be able to spot volume accumulation or distribution in a chart pattern. This is like a doctor never taking blood tests or x-rays to see what is actually going on with a patient's health.

Hot Trading Tip 1 - MIstakes
Plot out your mistakes on charts, study them, and write some additional rules in order to correct your mistakes and the actions that cost you money.

Just like a good boy scout…BE PREPARED. A day of reckoning is coming and if we are ready… major profits will follow.

Have a profitable day,